Interior Design Glossary:

Terms Definition
Analogous a color scheme that uses hues that are close to each other on the color wheel
C.O.M. Customer's Own Material (instead of selecting fabric offered by the furniture manufacturer)
Color a physical property of visible light that is one part of the larger electromagnetic spectrum
Complementary a color scheme that uses hues on opposite sides of the color wheel
Ergonomics the study of the relation between human physiology and the physical environment
Form basic shape and configuration of an object or space
Harmony in a composition is the agreement of the parts to each other and to the whole
Hue a basic color, that attribute by which we distinguish blue from red, for example
Intensity a degree of purity of the hue when compared with a neutral gray of the same value
Line an object or form whose actual or visual length greatly exceeds any actual width or depth it may have
Monochromatic a color scheme that employs one hue with variations only in intensity and value
Pattern the repetition of a decorative motif on a surface
RCP a.k.a. Reflected Ceiling Plan - a view of the ceiling as though it were reflected onto a mirror on the floor, or as though the ceiling were transparent and you could see right through it
Scale the relative size of something as related to another element of known size
Shade when black is added and its value is lowered
Shape a unique characteristic of an object or space that defines it as distinct from adjacent objects or spaces
Texture surface quality of a material
Tint when white is added to a hue and its value is raised
Value a degree of lightness or darkness in relation to white and black